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Full professionalism, super approach to the patient Recommended !

Aleksandra Ciesla

Reliable and professional approach to the patient 😊 I heartily recommend !😊

Klaudia Bajda

I struggled with my ailment for almost a year (severe leg and buttock pain). After not getting the best results from visits to several neurologists and physiotherapists, I ended up at the Physio-Sport office. After a thorough examination of me, an appropriate set of exercises was adjusted, which caused the pains to completely disappear after a few weeks. I am now functioning normally, taking long walks, which in the not-so-distant past was downright impossible – I couldn’t even walk 20 meters. Mr. Jakub, who rehabilitated me, is a professional, a kind person, an excellent professional. I wanted to thank and recommend the services of the office as the best. I highly recommend !!!

Irena Bewszko

I recommend to everyone. Jakub Chudy selected the right exercises for me and all my back pains are gone. I exercise all the time so that the pains and discomfort that were there before I started working with Jakub do not return.

Iwona Gladysz

Great knowledge, professional approach to the patient , I am very satisfied. I recommend!!!😊

Weronika Dziadura

World Championship – they set me up as needed. A bunch of professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge 🙌

Karol Rozycki

I recommend, here work people with a vocation, professionals. They look for the causes of pain, so that after properly selected exercises, the pain does not return👍💪 Krzysztof Koziol and Katarzyna Cwynar – thank you

Danuta Chmura Strek

I recommend to everyone with ailments, but also not only, including those who want to improve fitness and mobility. Jakub Chudy physiotherapist with a lot of knowledge, super approach to the client. Greetings!!!

Kamil Wiech

Physiotherapists know what they are doing, they are professionals, working and exercising with them, besides physical exertion is just a pleasure, they can cure from injuries, and in addition, they are very positive with clients and sociable. Highly recommended !!!

Paweł Krason

An effective way to help with muscle and bone pain. I have personally tested😘😘😘

Stefania Podkowka

The best Physiotherapy office in Rzeszow.
I went to Krzysiek and after the first conversation I knew that it was a good choice 🙂
He helped me choose the right exercises, explained where the problem lies, what I should pay more attention to and thanks to that I do not have to worry about my knee problems.
In addition, the whole team always smiling, professional with great knowledge.
Krzysiek thank you for your help, teaching, conversations🙂
I wholeheartedly recommend ‼️🙂
Greetings to the entire team🙂🙂

Dominika Szeliga

Many years of neck and back pain to the shoulder massacred by crossfit performances made the crucial day come, when, encouraged by reviews on fb, I went to the guys from Physio-Sport. As it turned out, it was by all means a successful venture. Well, it is possible to reverse bad habits that you have worked for years and consciously control your own body. On top of that, the removal of massive pains and movement restrictions with only or as much as properly selected exercises. Full professionalism, great help, individual approach to the pain-ridden wretch. Cool atmosphere and professional advice on an ongoing basis and for the future.
With a clear conscience I can say:
Wanderer, if something is bothering you during your journey, head straight to Fizjo-Sport where you will find rescue and relief.
Best regards to Jakub and Michal

Piotr Krawczyk

Revelation!!! Doctors for a long time “treated” the pain in my back caused by a herniated spine, all sorts of pills, injections, etc. after which yes it hurt less but…. pain continued to persist, the doctor said looking only in the computer at the result of the MRI, that only surgery will help me although a hundred percent guarantee of its success does not give because it is, after all, surgery, when I asked if this is the only option, because maybe physiotherapy would help me, he said “with you physiotherapy will not help, only surgery is needed here”, at this point I was already after several visits to Mr. Michal and I knew that the doctor was wrong, because I feel better and better, I stopped all medications and exercised under the guidance of a brilliant professional Mr. Michal, I exercise all the time and at this point it is so good that I’m going to go skiing for the first time in my life! I recommend from the bottom of my heart, because it is hard to find such good professionals, so dedicated to their patients. Thank you very much you are irreplaceable.

Marta Walkowiak

Full professionalism and great approach to the customer.
I recommend as much as possible!!!

Karolina Stepniowska

Very good office. Not only great atmosphere, but above all professional and individual approach to each case. Everything is discussed in detail and not told in generalities. I recommend not only to people who already have some pain, but also to everyone who is in some way physically active.

Maria Cynarska

I recommend this office. It turned out that it is possible to live with lumbar hernias, although it seemed that surgery was inevitable. After a few months of exercise, I am more physically fit than I was 10 years ago. The “crunch” in my knees has stopped, I get up from a chair without pain, and consequently my mood has improved. There is no witchcraft. I achieved everything by doing the right exercises under the guidance of a trainer – in my case Jakub. I recommend!!!

Piotr Cichon