The Physio-Sport Center for Physiotherapy and Motor Skills is the only center in Poland to be a McConnell Institute, so it also educates physiotherapists and doctors in this innovative concept of work. The cooperation with Jenny McConnell was initiated in 2017, when we hosted Prof. Jenny McConnell at our center for the first time. The concept developed by the Australian physiotherapy center Jenny McConnell shows a specific way of clinical reasoning, allowing a broader, global view of the patient’s problem. It teaches keen observation, analyzing information and drawing conclusions. The foundation of the concept is the result of years of solid research that is a combination of knowledge from anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and biomedical engineering. McConnell’s concept has given physiotherapists a new direction in dealing with particularly difficult patient problems, setting the fundamental goals of therapy, which are to modify and optimize recruitment patterns through neuromuscular training, or to equip the patient with simple body management strategies (BMS) thereby motivating him to actively participate in the therapy process. The taping applications created by the author are widely applicable to a variety of musculoskeletal disorders. The idea of relieving tissue stress can be applied to any joint or soft tissue in the lower limb, shoulder joint or lumbar spine, enabling more effective treatment. They are helpful for rotator cone degeneration in patients with tendinopathies of the greater trochanteric region or bursitis, as well as degenerative meniscus tears, knee joint degeneration, plantar fasciitis, tibialis posterior muscle tendinopathy, gluteal tendinopathy or degenerative changes of the spine.

Jenny McConnell – one of the best-known physiotherapists in Australia and Europe. Founder of the McConnell Institute, creator of the concept. Author of many research and experimental works providing knowledge of anatomy and mechanics of the knee. Originator of taping applications affecting the correction of the patellofemoral joint, foot, shoulder joint. Awarded the prestigious F.E Johnson Memorial Fellowship (2006) for outstanding scientific and medical achievements in sports.


Patients who are assisted by our physiotherapists working according to the principles of the concept in question are given specific advice after a thorough analysis and interview. The therapist explains:

– the mechanism of pain, that is, why the patient developed pain and what is the main factor overloading the musculoskeletal apparatus,

– how to solve the cause of the problem and thus how to minimize the symptoms

Our goal is to equip the patient with simple individually tailored strategies/exercises for self-therapy to cope with ailments. In addition, by using proprietary taping applications in therapy that affect the relief of a particular structure, we influence its acceleration and effectiveness.