The word “diet” is often associated negatively – with a time-frame-limited period full of sacrifices and dietary restrictions. Is it rightly so? No! In fact, the word “diet” applies to every person – it is nothing more than a way of eating, that is, one of the leading components of lifestyle.  Properly balanced is undoubtedly one of the factors that ensure the body’s well-being both mentally and physically.

Dietitian – for whom?

If your goal is :

  • permanent change in eating habits,
  • improving your overall well-being,
  • normalization of body weight in a healthy and rational way,
  • reduction of ailments and bothersome symptoms resulting from diet-related diseases,
  • preventing the development of diseases of civilization,
  • supporting training through a well-balanced diet,
  • diversification of the existing diet.

A nutritionist is the first person you should contact.

Dietetics Rzeszow

The sequence of activities

First – let’s get to know each other. The first visit to a nutritionist at FIZJO-SPORT is a diagnostic visit.  A conversation with the nutritionist, a thorough nutritional interview, taking the necessary anthropometric measurements and a bioimpact study will allow you to carefully analyze your current diet, health status, structure and composition of your body, and determine the goals of cooperation – both short and long-term.

Second – to determine the appropriate course of action. The next step towards the results you dream of is individual dietary recommendations and a menu adapted to the needs of your body – various recipes and nutritional guidelines will make you stop associating the word “diet” with monotonous eating or starvation.

Third – control. The follow-up meeting will allow you to determine the effectiveness of the measures taken, evaluate through conversation, collecting measurements and comparing them with those obtained at the first visit, the results obtained by you and your commitment to cooperation.

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