Controlling muscle activity, surface electromyography

mDurance innovative digital tool to support the physiotherapy process, with which we can perform a simple surface electromyography test and get a full report on the state of your muscles in less than 10 minutes.

Surface electromyography ( EMG ) is the analysis of the electrical activity of muscles.

The technology is designed to detect neuromuscular ailments by assessing muscle health and performance in advance. Advanced technology, combined with algorithms, produces real data that a physiotherapist can read at his convenience and draw appropriate conclusions. This allows the physiotherapy process to be optimized. The goal is to reduce and prevent the risk of injury and properly manage injuries.

EMG helps analyze a number of physiological changes occurring in different muscles, making it easier to diagnose possible injuries to the patient, the athlete. Properly selected protocols help to get a complete picture, which translates into efficient monitoring of the patient/athlete’s condition without any pain.