Sports physiotherapy

What is sports physiotherapy? Sports, both professional and amateur, involve the risk of overloads, movement dysfunctions and injuries. These can disable an athlete from training, preparation for the season and various competitions and games.

Sports physiotherapy are activities aimed at preparing the athlete for training and sports competitions. They include not only therapeutic and preventive measures, but primarily consist of optimizing movement and motor preparation. The essence of well-prepared and carried out sports physiotherapy is an expert understanding of the specifics of a given sport, as well as knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics.

Our task is to prevent injuries by detecting unfavorable motor and postural adaptations that directly contribute to the development of injuries. At FIZJO-SPORT CF, we don’t stop at sports physiotherapy alone, but we go a step further and, together with our Motor Preparation Coaches, we give the athlete more than fitness. We give: strength̨, endurance, power, precision!

Fitness, strength, endurance, power, precision!

Goals of sports physiotherapy:

  • Optimal and safe return to sports after injury,

  • restoration / improvement of physical fitness,

  • improving motor skills and neuromuscular coordination,

  • maintaining optimal functionality of the musculoskeletal system,

  • introducing elements of sports technique of various disciplines,

  • preventive action – preventing possible injuries in the future.

Offer of FIZJO-SPORT Physiotherapy Center

Sports clubs / Sports academies / Athletes / Amateur sports.

Offer of FIZJO-SPORT Physiotherapy Center

The offer of FIZJO-SPORT CF is addressed both to sports clubs, sports academies, sections and athletes training individually: amateur and professional. We provide professional assistance in case of injuries and creation of training plans. We take care of optimal fitness and physical condition throughout the season.

Athletes using an individual preparation program:

  • Kamil Syprzak – handball – Paris Saint-Germain
  • Fernando Llorente – football – Napoli
  • Matylda Kowal – athletics, 3000m run
  • Anna Sabat – athletics, 800m run
  • Marcin Kostera – billiards