dr Michal Hadala
dr Michal HadalaPhysiotherapist, International Instructor of Kinetic Control, McConnell Institute
Jakub Chudy
Jakub ChudyPhysiotherapist, McConnell Institute Instructor
Katarzyna Zurek
Katarzyna ZurekPhysiotherapist
Katarzyna Cwynar
Katarzyna CwynarPhysiotherapist, McConnell Institute Instructor
Monika Staniszewska
Monika StaniszewskaPhysiotherapist, Dietician

Motor Preparation Coach

Szymon Polednik
Szymon PolednikMotor Preparation Coach, FIZJO-SPORT Specialist

Michal Hadala is a physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialist. His main interests are in topics related to the analysis, evaluation and correction of musculoskeletal dysfunctions. After completing his postgraduate studies in Spain, he took charge of the medical and physical preparation department of the South African team. Three years of work with team members resulted in successful competitions in the America’s Cup. Experiences in recent years, among others: scientific research conducted in cooperation with the University of Valencia and the Institute of Sport have resulted in publications in well-known journals not only in Europe, but also on other continents (Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, Journal of Science, Journal of Sports Sciences). Michal continues to carry out numerous research projects collaborating with various scientific units. He completed a PhD in Medicine and Physiology in “Applied Science in Sports” at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia in Spain. In July 2010, he defended his Spanish and European doctorate with honors at the same faculty. On a daily basis, he works in the clinic with orthopedic patients. As an instructor of Kinetic Control and Performance Stability methods, he provides training in Poland and Spanish-speaking countries.

Jakub Chudy is a physiotherapist. His main interests are related to movement – Diagnostics, analysis and functional therapy. In his work he combines many techniques and working tools, the most important role in his work workshop is played by the concept of Kinetic Control, McConnell Institute. He conducts workshops on “Healthy spine” and “Movement assessment in a runner”.

Katarzyna Cwynar is a physiotherapist. She cares about both the quality of movement in Mom and baby – diagnosis, analysis and therapy. In her work she combines many techniques and working tools (Kinetic Control, McConnell Institute). She conducts workshops “Active Mom” and “Postural defects in children”.

Szymon Polednik is a motor preparation coach, physiotherapist assistant, paramedic. He cares about both movement quality and fitness – personal training, motor preparation. His main interests: strength and endurance disciplines and physical preparation of athletes. In his work he combines many techniques and work tools (Kinetic Control, McConnell Institute, MSI). He conducts workshops “FACTS and MYTHS through the eye of a motor preparation trainer”, “First Aid”, “Personal Training”.

Monika Staniszewska is a physiotherapist and dietician. She believes that only a comprehensive and multidirectional approach guarantees therapeutic success when working with patients. Her main interests are physiotherapy, physical activity, healthy eating and cooking. She is constantly expanding her information and skills by participating in various trainings. She conducts “Healthy Eating” workshops.