We program the patient’s therapy in a modern way ensuring an individual approach to each person. Our goal is an accurate diagnosis and an appropriate treatment strategy.

The basis of therapy is to educate the patient so that he can understand the work of the physiotherapist: what he does, why, what are the possibilities and what awaits him during physiotherapy.

During the diagnosis and therapy we use the knowledge (Kinetic Control, MSI, McConnell Institute, Manual Therapy, Taping, Needle Therapy) and experience of our team, so we are able to understand the movement and its correlation with the occurring ailments of patients.

Which patients are targeted for individual work with a physiotherapist?

Because “movement” is an indispensable part of functioning in everyday life, this therapy is not limited to a narrow group of people. Kinetic Control is not only applicable to acute complaints (where many physiotherapeutic concepts are applicable), but primarily to chronic complaints.

Many patients, despite the elimination of pain during rehabilitation, after a few weeks or months come back complaining of a recurrence of symptoms. This is due to the fact that symptomatic treatment is often used instead of causal treatment, and many ailments are a consequence of motor activity (arises during or is a consequence of some movement) or incorrect resting position. It should be noted that the absence of pain does not determine the completion of rehabilitation, and functional therapy sometimes requires several weeks or even months of systematic work on the part of the patient and physiotherapist.

For more information on Kinetic Control, see the interview with Dr. Michal Hadala or visit www.fizjo-sport.pl