rehabilitacja uroginekologiczna rzeszow
  • wysiłkowe nietrzymanie moczu

  • parcia naglące

  • obniżenie narządów rodnych

  • badanie per vaginum wg skali PERFECT

  • RMPB- rozejście mięśnia prostego brzucha

  • bolesne miesiączkowanie

  • bolesne współżycie

  • pochwica

  • vulvodynia

  • endometrioza

  • trening w ciąży

  • przygotowanie krocza do porodu

  • fizjoterapia okołoporodowa

  • terapia blizny po cesarskim cięciu

Urogynecological rehabilitation

It is a rather narrow branch of physiotherapy that deals with problems at the intersection of gynecology and urology. It places at the center of all dysfunctions in the pelvic area caused by disorders of the pelvic floor muscles. It applies to women of all ages, both childbearing and non-pregnant.

When should I see a urogynecological physiotherapist?

Dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles is evidenced by the following symptoms:

  • frequent urination during the day and at night
  • strong urge to urinate
  • losing urine when coughing, sneezing or working out
  • frequent bladder infections
  • constipation, hemorrhoids
  • gas incontinence
  • losing loose or hard stools
  • painful periods
  • pain during intercourse
  • feeling of too narrow or wide vagina during intercourse
  • pains in the perineum, lower abdomen


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