The main area of our activity is physiotherapy, programming and implementation of rehabilitation and sports training. Since the beginning of the center, we have based our work primarily on accurate diagnosis and assessment of movement and functional therapy. Our mission is to enhance each patient’s quality of life.

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Patient education – workshops with a physiotherapist

You are cordially invited to register for free on-demand webinars (in Polish only) with a physiotherapist aimed at people who want to take charge of their health. Come and benefit from valuable tips from a physical therapist.


The best physiotherapy centre in Rzeszów.
I went to Krzysztof and after the first conversation I knew that it was a good choice 🙂 He helped me to choose the right exercises, explained where the problem is, what I should pay more attention to and thanks to that I don’t have to worry about my knee problems.
Additionally, the whole team is always smiling, professional with a lot of knowledge.
Krzysztof, thank you for your help, teaching, conversations🙂
I wholeheartedly recommend ‼️🙂
Greetings to the entire team🙂🙂

Dominika Szeliga, patient

An effective way to help with muscle and bone pain. I have personally tested 😘😘😘

Stefania Podkowka, patient

Physiotherapists know what they are doing, they are professionals, working and exercising with them, despite the physical effort is a pleasure, they are able to cure injuries, and in addition they are very positive towards clients and sociable. I highly recommend!

Paweł Krason, patient

I had been struggling with my problems for almost a year (severe pain in my leg and buttocks). After not getting the best results from my visits to several neurologists and physiotherapists, I came to Fizjo-Sport. After a thorough examination, an appropriate set of exercises was adapted and after a few weeks, the pain disappeared completely. Now I can function normally, I take long walks, which not so long ago was almost impossible – I couldn’t even walk 20 metres. Mr Jakub, who rehabilitated me, is a professional, kind and excellent person. I would like to thank him and recommend his services as the best. I highly recommend !!!

Irena Bewszko, patient

I recommend it to everybody. Jakub Chudy chose the right exercises for me and all my back pains are gone. I still exercise so that the pains and discomfort that I had before I started working with Jakub don’t return.

Iwona Gladysz, patient

Full professionalism and great approach to the customer.
I recommend as much as possible!

Karolina Stepniowska, patient

Many years of pain in my neck and back and a shoulder massacred by crossfit performances made me go to the guys from Fizjo-Sport. As it turned out, it was by all means the right thing to do. Well, you can reverse bad habits that you have worked on for years and consciously control your own body. In addition, you can remove massive pains and movement limitations with the help of properly selected exercises. Full professionalism, great help, individual approach to the miserable person in pain. Nice atmosphere and professional advice on an ongoing basis and for the future.
I can say it with a clear conscience:
Wanderer, if something bothers you during your journey, head straight to Fizjo-Sport where you will find rescue and solace.
Best regards to Jakub and Michal

Piotr Krawczyk, patient

I recommend, here work people with a vocation, professionals. They look for the causes of pain, so that after properly selected exercises the pain does not return👍💪 Krzysztof Koziol i Katarzyna Cwynar – thanks

Danuta Chmura Strek, patient

Reliable and professional approach to the patient 😊 Highly recommended !😊

Klaudia Bajda, patient

Full professionalism, super approach to the patient I recommend!

Aleksandra Ciesla, patient

I recommend this clinic. It turned out that you can live with a lumbar hernia, although it seemed that surgery was inevitable. After a few months of exercises I am more physically fit than 10 years ago. The “crunching” in my knees has stopped, I can get up from a chair without pain and, consequently, my mood has improved. There is no magic. I achieved everything by doing the right exercises under the guidance of a trainer – in my case, Jakuba. I recommend!!!

Piotr Cichon, patient

Revelation!!! Doctors for a long time “treated” the pain in my back caused by a hernia in the spine, with all kinds of pills, injections, etc., after which yes it hurt less, but …. When I asked if this was the only option, because maybe physiotherapy would help me, he said “physiotherapy will not help you”. I knew that the doctor was wrong, because I feel better and better, I gave up all medications and exercised under the supervision of a brilliant expert Michal, I exercise all the time and at the moment it is so good that I go skiing for the first time in my life! I recommend  with all my heart because it is hard to find such good professionals who are so devoted to their patients. Thank you very much, you are irreplaceable.

Marta Walkowiak, patient

Great knowledge, professional approach to the patient, I am very satisfied. I recommend!😊

Weronika Dziadura, patient

A masterpiece of the world. They put me together on the spot, plus told me what not to do Thanks a lot 🙌

Karol Rozycki, patient

A world championship – they set me right. A team of professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge 🙌

Karol Rozycki, patient

I recommend it to everyone with complaints, but also to those who want to improve their fitness and mobility. Jakub Chudy physiotherapist with great knowledge, super approach to the customer. Best regards!!!

Kamil Wiech, patient

Very good centre. Not only great atmosphere, but above all professional and individual approach to each case. Everything is discussed in detail and not told in generalities. I recommend it not only to people who already have some pain, but also to all who are physically active in some way.

Maria Cynarska, patient

Make an appointment for a one-to-one consultation with a physiotherapist to find out how to help yourself, manage your pain and get back to fitness.

dr Michal Hadala
dr Michal HadalaPhysiotherapist, International Kinetic Control Instructor, McConnell Institute
Jakub Chudy
Jakub ChudyPhysiotherapist, Instructor McConnell Institute
Katarzyna Cwynar
Katarzyna CwynarPhysiotherapist, Instructor of the McConnell Institute
Monika Andreasik
Monika AndreasikPhysiotherapist, Dietician
Katarzyna Zurek
Katarzyna ZurekFizjoterapeutka
Szymon Polednik
Szymon Polednik Coach of Motor Preparation, Specialist FIZJO-SPORT
Szymon Gryckiewicz
Szymon GryckiewiczPhysiotherapist (Torun), Kinetic Control Instructor
Wojciech Zareba
Wojciech ZarebaPhysiotherapist (Gdansk), Kinetic Control Instructor, Lecturer at GUMed
Ewa Grabowska
Ewa GrabowskaCustomer service
Andzelika Niemiec
Andzelika NiemiecCustomer service
Grzegorz Kuzdro
Grzegorz KuzdroDirector of Marketing and Development
 Jolanta Mazurczyk-Tavera
Jolanta Mazurczyk-TaveraAudiovisual and marketing specialist

Physiotherapy, physiotherapist – Radio Discussion Club (Adam Glaczynski, dr Michal Hadala)

Back pain is one of the most common complaints of the osteoarticular system. 60-85% of the population experiences lumbosacral spine pain at least once in their lifetime. This problem is often referred to as an epidemic, and its occurrence has become known as a disease of civilization. Functional diagnostics and therapy of the patient with movement control disorders in the spinal area allows to avoid unpleasant complications and reduce the discomfort.

Any deviation from normal posture that can cause pain symptoms in both school age and adulthood. Changes in posture are influenced by medical factors (rheumatic diseases) and environmental factors (sedentary work).

An unexpected attack of nerve roots, also called sciatica, is a sign that the spine is in poor shape. The pain usually affects the lumbar region, but nerve plexuses in the thigh or shoulder area can also be affected. It is a result of mechanical pressure of a damaged intervertebral disc (disk) on nerve roots which are located in its vicinity. Such problems are more common after the age of 30. This is because the spine wears out with age and degenerative changes progress.

It is said to be a disease of sedentary people. Undoubtedly, it is a disease of civilization related to our unhealthy lifestyle. Being dissolved by the comfort of everyday life, we have become detached from nature. We stopped moving, although we were “programmed” to be physically active. In this context, our spine, in order to remain resilient and flexible, should be sensibly subjected to mechanical loads, which of course is not the same as straining it. We are simply designed to move, and its lack leads to pathology. The second cause of discopathy is improper diet that promotes obesity. And the third is the life in chronic stress.

Among the most common knee injuries is an ACL injury, which occurs with sudden braking and changes in direction while running. Often injuries are combined with damage to the meniscus, which is responsible for, among other things, absorbing loads in the knee joint.

Jumper’s knee is an injury to the patella ligament – where it attaches to the kneecap. Micro-injuries accumulate in this area, and the process of tissue degeneration progresses. It may seem that jumper’s knee is not a serious injury, because athletes often ignore this problem and train without paying attention to their body symptoms.

The rotator cuff structure is made up of tendons of the shoulder girdle muscles. The rotator cuff is responsible for lifting and rotational movements of the arm. It is most commonly injured by people who practice strength sports, crossfit, and tennis.

The popliteal space serves as a functional junction in the shoulder joint. From the upper side it is limited by the process of the shoulder, the coracoacromial ligament, the coracoid process of the scapula and the shoulder-blade joint. From the lower side it is limited by the head of the humerus with a part of the greater cusp. The average distance from the inferior border of the scapular process and the border of the humeral head in the anterior view is 9-10 mm. This space contains the infraspinatus bursa, the rotator cone muscles, and the tendon of the long head of the biceps brachii muscle. Due to the reduction of the space, the structures within the space come into conflict and are compressed. Pain most often occurs in the fourth decade of life in people who perform overhead movements of the upper limb and are associated with activities of daily living, work, or sports (e.g., volleyball, tennis, swimming).

Individual classes with a trainer, where, after a diagnostic examination, an individual training plan will be arranged with an aim defined beforehand: muscle tissue development, endurance improvement, mobilization, fat tissue reduction, learning how to perform exercises correctly.

Arrangement of personalized dietary plan to improve athletic performance, body quality, improve well-being. Menus are arranged after a prior diagnostic visit.

Classes aimed at preparing an athlete for a given sport discipline through an individual training plan and a prior diagnostic visit. During the classes we will focus on such aspects as: strength, balance, coordination, dynamics, and acceleration.

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